Am I an introvert?

So according to the dictionary, an introvert is defined as a shy, reticent person and I'm definitely not shy nor am I reticent... but I find myself staying home a lot more than I used to.

York, Yorkshire

These were taken on a day trip to York when Thomas and I took a long stroll along the York City Walls. It was impressive how sturdy and intact everything was given that small parts of it was built from as early as 71AD - that's during the Roman times!

Yard & Coop, NQ

This was so, so good I finished it even though this was their large plate. Don't let the photo deceive you... their large plate portion is truly, LARGE. The flavour combination in this dish was absolutely perfect and the fries were crispy - just how I like it.

Teacup Kitchen, NQ

I've been here once or twice before this meal and I've always had a pretty great experience BUT for this particular breakfast... it wasn't at all satisfying. We waited for a pretty long time before our food arrived (we got there around 9ish so it wasn't at all crowded just yet) and when it did arrive, my food was not seasoned AND I had soggy toast!


Weekly catch-up: I've had a pretty great week so far. Yes, I'll admit it's been hella tiring but I think adult life is supposed to be this hard...? 🤷🏻‍♀️