| Annick Lau

I’m a 20something Malaysian currently living in Manchester, United Kingdom but I've lived in several countries to date. I'm what you would called a 'hapa' or 'hafu' - basically I'm half Japanese. I've always been that girl who's too Western for the Asians and too Asian for the Westerns but hey, that's me.

As an aspiring journalist I am interested in exploring new places, photographing intricate architecture, contemplating art, journaling my personal style, food adventures and everything in between. I find excitement in relaying a story and I am passionate about things that matter to me.

On a typical weekend, I am either at one of my favourite brunch spots in Northern Quarter, Instagramming a picture of my flat white and hanging out with my loved ones or still in my cute, comfy pyjamas while I refuses to leave my warm bed to face the day.

Feel free to leave me a comment or follow me on social media. Either way, just come and get to know me - I swear I'm nice 😋.