Dubai: Day three

Thomas and I woke up bright and early on the day of my birthday for a day full of sightseeing + adventure at the Jumeirah Beach Residence over at The Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai: Day two

We started our second day here as early as possible and woke up around 8ish for breakfast. We made coffee and sandwiches from local ingredients that we bought yesterday...

Dubai: Day one

The boyfriend and I flew on the 11th last month from London Heathrow and got to Dubai in the morning of the 12th. Prior to our flight while we were checking in...

Journal entry: My December so far

It's been five days since I got back from my lovely trip in Dubai and I took a ton of pictures on my DSLR that I've yet to edit but hopefully I'll be doing that some time soon *fingers crossed*. So how was the trip? Well...

Am I an introvert?

So according to the dictionary, an introvert is defined as a shy, reticent person and I'm definitely not shy nor am I reticent... but I find myself staying home a lot more than I used to.