Here's a Little Story

On most days, I'm okay. Happy, at peace and incredibly grateful for my life. On some rare moments, I feel completely broken. Blame it on the exhaustion, the lack of self-love or simply down to some chaotic thoughts.

Last night was one of those rare moments... I broke down in tears. Sobbing hysterically into Tom's shoulders just before midnight. It lasted for about an hour and I don't really have an explanation for it. I couldn't feel my face and I was crying, sobbing, gasping for air and hurting all at once.

But today, I'm better - not completely okay but I'm doing well.

Moments ago, I was hesitant and unsure of what to write or if I even wanted to. But I wanted to use this post to sort of remind myself that not everything is okay all the time and it's okay that it isn't so but things will pass and everything will be okay.

For future me and anyone else who may not have had the best of days... refer to header image.