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Here's some apartment therapy amongst the chaos that is Black Friday weekend. Side note though, I scored a couple of great deals as part of my Christmas shopping but - surprisingly - nothing for myself. Tbh with you, I was tempted to get a few things but I was reminded today to shop wisely:

"If you are anything like us, your email inbox exploded this morning with an avalanche of offers, discounts and specials, designed in many clever ways to steal a little bit of your attention. We felt compelled to share how this makes us feel and spread our optimism that there is room to do better.
The truth is that you probably don’t need more stuff. Having more choice is not always a good thing. Especially if it means a wardrobe full of things, half of which you don’t even remember the reason for buying. Don’t you agree that having fewer but carefully considered things can improve your clarity of mind and in turn make you more confident in what you wear every day?
So today, before you get tempted, take a moment and think about where the impulse for that purchase is really coming from. See through the artificial desire, designed to push you into making an impulsive decision. Instead, treat this Friday like any other. Spend it with your loved ones, rather than giving your time, attention and money to things you don't actually need or want.
This post is to remind ourselves and others that the things that define you are not only the things you buy, but also the things you don’t. Spend today like it’s #JustAnotherFriday."
Silent Goods


Have a happy weekend everyone!