Trying My Best to Only Shop for What I Need and Not What I Want

The holiday season is upon us as November comes to an end. I feel like 2017 has flew past me. This year felt fleeting... but in a good way.

One of the things that I've learned from the many articles that I've read and wrote this year is the importance to consume goods as responsibly as possible. Inspired by Lauren Singer, the 'zero trash girl' along with numerous other sustainable philosophies - I wanted to move towards becoming a more responsible consumer. If you've read anything about the zero thrash girl then yes, you're right about one thing: it is incredibly difficult to aspire to that level of eco-friendliness but taking a tiny step towards that is better than nothing, right?

So this whole year, especially the last few months of 2017, I've been trying to cut down on shopping. Instead of purchasing several items (that I don't really need) from various stores every month, I've made a pact with myself to only purchase something if I truly need it and even then, to only purchase what I need and nothing more. Oh and for every item I buy, something old in my closet must be donated to charity, upcycled into something else, sold on Depop or to be given away. And if I can, to only shop from brands that are either committed to reducing their environmental impacts or brands that are truly eco-friendly. The latter has proven to be much harder as eco brands are generally more expensive so this year, it was mostly the former to begin with. The verdict? It's been a lot easier than I anticipated though it took a lot of consideration whenever I shopped.



Just yesterday, I went into Boots as I needed a couple of items. One of the items on my to-but list was a dark nail polish as I have finished a full bottle of OPI. Yes it surprised me too but given that it's one of my favourite colours... I guess it's possible. Anyways, as I was browsing around I came across Essie's rack and I was tempted to buy more than I intended to because of their holiday sales. I stood there for a solid 8-10 minutes contemplating. I kept going back and forth trying to decide whether I should only get one full bottle for £9.99 or go with the deal of four minis for £14.99.

See I only came for one colour but I was now tempted by the option of getting four. On top of that, Essie was offering three free minis with ANY Essie purchase(?!). I mean, that's basically getting three more colours than I originally needed so I did some thinking and I'm proud to say that I only shopped for one.

Instead of choosing the best deal, I actually went with the option that is slightly worse but it meant that I was actually going to use it. Getting the four minis really just translates to getting a better deal but definitely wasting most of it as I was already guaranteed to get three minis. Plus as it turns out, one of the colour combos for the free minis included a dark nail polish so I picked that and then went with a full bottle of top coat as I've ran out of top coats awhile ago but I just never bothered to buy more.

Come to think of it, I haven't actually bought nail polish in a few years as I went through a slight obsession in high school so I've had plenty to last me awhile . I guess me wanting to change my shopping habits come from a once unhealthy spending mentality.

In the end, this is what I came out with:

From left to right: Essie 'Haute Tub', 'Virgin Snow', 'Shall We Chalet?' and a Gel Setter top coat.

From left to right: Essie 'Haute Tub', 'Virgin Snow', 'Shall We Chalet?' and a Gel Setter top coat.

I'll be rocking either one of the colours for December soon! Oh! Did I mention that the boyfriend is taking me to Dubai for my birthday? Hehe. I AM SUPER EXCITED! We're staying at the Fairmont ☺️ - I'm such a lucky girl. And we will be spending Christmas back at his mom's until the 28th. Basically... December is truly a holiday month for me.

Till next time guys.