6 Bedroom Inspirations for the New Year Ahead

As the clean and tidy freak that I always have been, I'm constantly looking for new ways to revamp and brighten my little home. Unsurprisingly... I've actually been told that I redecorate and reorganise a little too much *eye rolls at the best friend, my brother and the boyfriend* but who cares! I love it and it makes me happy that I'm able to constantly challenge myself to find more aesthetically pleasing and efficient ways of organising everything.

For the new year ahead I've made a mental list of aspects that I want to improve on but since I already freaking adore my uber-comfy bedroom space... I thought I should start there because there's only a few minor aspects that I want to change.

So this past year I've invested in some hotel-quality white bed sheets (honest to god, it's worth every single penny), readjusted the layout of the bedroom to maximise the flow of the room, purchased an additional bookshelf for more storage and removed the curtains from the railings to brighten up the room (I use bamboo window blinds instead). And for the next year, I'd like to add more plants or decor in the room, minimise and hide away clutter and maybe actually hang up some art in the room. So fingers crossed!

Obviously though I'd love to be able to move to a bigger space somewhere nearby but I haven't seen any place yet that's as central as where I currently am but you better bet that I'll find something. For now... I'll settle with some meticulously decorated bedroom images as shown below.


PS: I'm excited for the arrival of the new year in a couple of days and here's me wishing everyone a wonderful 2018!