Journal Entry: My December So Far

Animated gif by Pejamblue


It's been five days since I got back from my lovely trip in Dubai... I took a ton of pictures on my DSLR that I've yet to edit but hopefully I'll be doing that some time soon *fingers crossed*.

So how was the trip? Well... the weather in Dubai was great, the food was amazing, the beach + ocean was absolutely breathtaking and perhaps the best of all, I got to spend some real quality time with the boyfriend ☺️. Oh and I turned 23 during the trip so to say that I had a great time would be an understatement cause I had so much fun and loved every minute of exploring! Before my next picture post though, let me tell ya... the Burj Khalifa blew my mind. It is architecturally insane! It dwarfs everything else that surrounds it and it's so far up in the sky that it gets dizzying when viewed from below. Gahhhh I can't wait to show the pictures to you guys but forgive me in advance cause I have a feeling that it may be a little delayed due to Christmas - I'm gonna be honest and say that I'm feeling a little too festive to do anything productive 😅.

Since Dubai, I've been staying with the boyfriend's family down here in Reading so I'm not up to too much really. Just hanging out with the family, going for long walks and either watching Christmas movies or cheesy romantic films hehe but I will be heading into London tomorrow. Hopefully eating some yummy food over at the Asian or Japanese food hall and visiting Shoreditch but we'll see. I do love the Tate but that may be way too many agendas for one day.

Before I end today's post, I want to sincerely thank every single one of you for visiting my new blog for the last month. I've had such a positive and encouraging response that I am so immensely glad that I took up blogging once again. My passion went away awhile back but thanks to your support, I'm motivated and enjoying the thrill of it all again. Hopefully in 2018, I am able to share even more of my life with you guys through this blog. Just in case the holiday vibes get the better of me... here's me wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a jolly new year 💖.

Till next time.