Teacup Kitchen, NQ

Teacup Kitchen | @teascupandcakes


↠ Cappuccino (£2.90) and wild mushroom and spinach sourdough - sautéed mushroom and lightly wilted spinach on toast (£7.00)

I've been here once or twice before this meal and I've always had a pretty great experience BUT for this particular breakfast... it wasn't at all satisfying. We waited for a pretty long time before our food arrived (we got there around 9ish so it wasn't at all crowded just yet) and when it did arrive, my food was not seasoned AND I had soggy toast! REALLY SOGGY TOAST - it was as if someone spilled water on it or something! I barely ate any of it, paid and left. I'm normally not one for bad reviews but this really went below my expectations. Loved the atmosphere and the cute, hipstery décor but not sure if I'll return.

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️