Hello, I'm Annick

...and I like art, clouds, clothes, coffee and cute, tiny things.

Hope you have a good read! 



Today's agenda:

◻︎ Sleep-in Woke up bright and early

☑︎ Drop by the post office

☑︎ Get fresh fruits from the market

☑︎ Transfer and organise folders/images onto external hard drive 

◻︎ Get some of my pants/winter coat altered at Arndale ALTERED THE PANTS MYSELF!

◻︎ Catch up on some work 

☑︎ Hangout with Fristi and Liam


This post (list above) will be updated at the end of the day!

Weekly catch-up: I've had a pretty great week so far. Yes, I'll admit it's been hella tiring but I think adult life is supposed to be this hard...? 🤷🏻‍♀️. Anyways, I've recently starting working for The Fashion Network over at the Old Granada Studios and I'm having so much fun learning new things + working in a brand new environment. I'm conscious that I still have a lot of work to be done for my Masters project though, so I'm trying to rest my brain as much as I can (by mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed 🙄). Currently for this week, I've been listening to Frank Ocean's Swim Good on repeat - I am so in love with his music! Okay, this post will have to be cut short because I just pushed myself to stay on track with my POP pilates schedule AND I got back from a long day at work... so I'm pretty beat. 


Good night for me, good morning for you guys and thank you for reading this.

Homemade salad for dinner

Homemade salad for dinner

Jerk Shack, NQ

Jerk Shack, NQ