Today's agenda:

◻︎ Sleep-in Woke up bright and early

☑︎ Drop by the post office

☑︎ Get fresh fruits from the market

☑︎ Transfer and organise folders/images onto external hard drive 

◻︎ Get some of my pants/winter coat altered at Arndale ALTERED THE PANTS MYSELF!

◻︎ Catch up on some work 

☑︎ Hangout with Fristi and Liam


This post (list above) will be updated at the end of the day!

Weekly catch-up: I've had a pretty great week so far. Yes, I'll admit it's been hella tiring but I think adult life is supposed to be this hard...? 🤷🏻‍♀️. Anyways, I've recently starting working for The Fashion Network over at the Old Granada Studios and I'm having so much fun learning new things + working in a brand new environment. I'm conscious that I still have a lot of work to be done for my Masters project though, so I'm trying to rest my brain as much as I can (by mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed 🙄). Currently for this week, I've been listening to Frank Ocean's Swim Good on repeat - I am so in love with his music! Okay, this post will have to be cut short because I just pushed myself to stay on track with my POP pilates schedule AND I got back from a long day at work... so I'm pretty beat. 


Good night for me, good morning for you guys and thank you for reading this.