A Look Into My 2018 Planner + Bullet Journal

It's the first post on the first day of the first month in a brand new year - how exciting 😋! Before I proceed on today's post, I just want to say that I hope the new year brings every single one of you all the happiness and joy that each of you deserve.

Now... let's get back on subject as per the title on my post.

I spent the last day of 2017 creating my own planner slash bullet journal and I have to say, I'm pretty damn proud with how it turned out. My version of the two incorporates features from both as I've previously tried bullet journaling like a couple of months back but didn't really like it because - surprise - I made things way too complicated. So this time around, I went with something relatively minimal and simple that's also cute). The entire process took over eight hours as I was trying out different designs, layouts, themes and colour schemes but don't look at me like I'm crazy please! I know, I know... eight hours is quite a bit of time but - ugh -  I made a couple of mistakes along the way and I had to redo a couple of things. I got really annoyed at myself when I made mistakes especially when I kept screwing up on the 'year at a glance' page but I simply couldn't leave it for another day. I was determined to use it for the very first day of 2018 😅.

For those who are curious: I gathered my inspirations from this article on Buzzfeed and also from looking at various grams from @minimalistbujo on IG. Oh and I just used a random notebook my mom sent me so it's nothing fancy but the papers are thick enough that it doesn't bleed into the next page when I coloured with marker pens. The yellow papers are also just sticky notes cut in half 🙂.

PS: There's more to my planner slash bullet journal than what I've shown you but they are not pictured because they contain some private information. I have other pages like my monthly blog plans, various trackers, mini-goals, events, tasks and notes but so sorry guys!