A Simple Packing Guide for Hong Kong

I'll be on a long-haul flight again some time tomorrow... And where am I heading?


... home.

I'll be leaving gloomy British weather for a little while and will be back in sauna high-humidity that is Hong Kong. Across the many years of being and living there, I've learned some very valuable dressing and packing tips that even I forget sometimes. So here's a little reminder to everyone.


P a c k i n g  a d v i c e

The number one thing to remember is to always be prepared for a sudden change in weather. The temperature in Hong Kong can dip from high to low and change from sunny to stormy, cloudy to full-blown monsoon rain all in the same day. Not to mention that we asians love our air-conditioning so it's a guaranteed that every indoor area will be way cooler than the weather outdoors. So whenever you're in Hong Kong, I'd recommend packing a lightweight jacket that's preferably also rain-proof. Having a hood in your jacket isn't important cause when it rains, even an umbrella is no match to Mother Nature. Your best bet if you're caught in a storm or heavy rain is to find a cafe, get into a mall (there are plenty) or find the nearest 7-11 for some shelter (side note: I can't wait to eat all the snacks from 7-11. I'm coming for you siumai!).

The second thing to remember is to pack breathable, lightweight but fashionable clothing. Though not one of the 'big four fashion capitals' of the world, Hong Kong is still considered by many as one of the fashion capitals in Asia. Coupling that with it being a large cosmopolitan city, you can expect everyone to be dressed to the nines in most areas. Not to mention that dressing like you're from the city also helps when you're in tourists areas... meaning, you'd be less likely to get conned by taxi drivers (ahem!) or vendors in marketplaces as they would assume that you're just an expat living here. So whenever you're in Hong Kong, I'd recommend ditching the usual tourist attire. That means no hiking boots in streets y'all - it's too much of a give away!

The third thing that should have probably been the second is to pack a nice pair of trainers. Why? Cause you'd be doing A LOT of walking when you're here. Hong Kong is one of those cities that has many hidden gems not accessible or seen if you're just travelling in a vehicle - you'd be missing out on various local temples, markets, parks and even small boutiques or local food. To truly explore the city, you'd have to walk. So whenever you're in Hong Kong, I'd recommend packing a nice pair of trainers as a definite wardrobe essential. Your feet will thank you plus you'll still look good in all the amazing pictures that you'll be taking.

The fourth and last thing is to pack as lightly as possible and not for the reasons you'd think. Hong Kong is one of those places where you can find everything and anything at a much cheaper price. Whether it's the latest tech, Japanese snacks or the season's newest clothing, this city has a dedicated area to most departments at a killer price. There's the 'sneaker street' in Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kong where you can find an entire block of shops and stores selling sneakers, sneakers and more sneakers. Or the Flower Market Road in Kowloon where you can all the horticultural items you can think of! Or the Cat Street Market in Sheung Wan where you can find rows after rows of antiques stores... but the point is, when you're in Hong Kong you're bound to spend and purchase a number of gifts. So I'd recommend packing a light suitcase to anticipate the additional luggage weight that you'll be bringing back home.


TL;DR? Basically pack a raincoat, multiple lightweight but stylish clothing, a nice pair of trainers, pack minimally and you're good to go 😊.



As for me, I'll be rocking that totoro sweater and my new Firmoo glasses up on the plane by the time you guys read this or - hopefully - be back at home already. 14 hours of travelling here we go 🙃.