Dubai: Day One

Dubai: Day One

I've finally finished editing all the images from my Dubai trip and I'm super excited to share it with you guys! Just a heads up, I'll be splitting the trip into a few posts in order to be able to tell and show you guys everything without overdoing it in a singular post so be sure to visit again 😋. Let's begin:



The boyfriend and I flew on the 11th last month from London Heathrow and got to Dubai in the morning of the 12th. Prior to our flight while we were checking in, Thomas surprised me with an early birthday present and told me that we'll be flying business for this trip! He secretly paid for my upgrade as part of his birthday gift to me hehe ☺️. So on the flight, we both had champagne and gins (he actually got drunk lol), ate our dinner, I watched It (bad decision) and then went to sleep. Despite Pennywise scaring me repeatedly, I actually managed to forget about it and got some decent rest thanks to BA's flat beds.


Before we landed we were all woken for breakfast and this was the view from our plane windows:


If I remembered correctly, we were flying over Iran at the time. I have never seen such terrain and was so amazed at the landscape I think I looked out my window for the rest of the flight until we eventually landed. Dubai International Airport reminded me so much of Malaysia's airport that it was a little weird as I was hit with a sense of dejavu. I'm not talking about the exterior but rather the layout inside the airport. I actually kept joking that Thomas lied and simply brought me back home haha.

The next part of our journey from the airport to our hotel over at The Palm should've been as stress-free and easy as our flight but something happened that completely ruined our moods. Yep, we got conned by our taxi driver and were made to pay five times more than the actual cost of the trip. So just in case any one of you guys are planning to head to Dubai, this is a PSA that you should never and I mean never get into a taxi that's not at the taxi stand when you're at the Dubai airport. I blame it on both of our naiveties and lack of research but I still can't believe that we paid five times more than the actual cost. FIVE TIMES MORE! Ugh, I'm still not over it 😫 - we vowed to never be as trusting and naive ever again.

The stupid taxi ride aside, we reached our hotel around 10ish, checked-in, unpacked, showered and then went on to explore the area around it (the hotel we stayed at was the Fairmont Palm Hotel & Resort). Here's a picture :


I took this picture while we were walking along the hotel's private beach and honestly, I miss feeling the warmth of the sun. I can't wait to be back in Hong Kong and feel some sunshine on my face! I mean I love you Manchester, but you're too rainy and gloomy for my liking 🙄. So after mooching around (a phrase Tom's mom, Toni, uses a lot that I have started using too), we headed to the Golden Mile Galleria for more exploring and some food. We must've spend five-six hours there walking along the entire mile and its garden cause we were nearly dead by the time we were done so we headed back to our hotel.

When we got back, we received a surprise from the hotel and its staff. They had prepared a bottle of sparkling drink, some butter biscuits and a chocolate cake to congratulate our anniversary + send their best wishes for my birthday! It was such a sweet and cute touch to the day that we almost didn't care about the shitty taxi incident. Almost.


Well if you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that we didn't eat the cake on the first day cause we kept it in the fridge for my actual birthday night but we did popped the drink, ran a bath and unwinded down with some JK videos on youtube - yes I brought my Mac with me this time! After that we sat on the balcony, ate some snacks we bought at the Golden Mile Galleria and tanned for a little bit but the both of us ended up falling asleep thanks to jet lag. Oh well, least we fell asleep to this beautiful view of the Persian Gulf.


When we woke up from our nap - about an hour and half later - we decided to head back to the Golden Mile Galleria for our dinner. We had a very lovely middle eastern meal at Zaroob's where we tried out Arabic coffee, koshari (an Egyptian dish of lentils, rice, pasta, garlic tomato sauce, garnished with chickpeas and fried onions), lahmeh fatteh (meat, chickpeas, yoghurt, garlic, with various garnishes), konafa (phyllo dough with ricotta cheese) for dessert and then went for a walk at the hotel's private beach. And cause it was getting a little bit chilly, we called it a night and got some much needed rest in preparation for tomorrow's adventure...



I hope you guys enjoyed reading that! I tried to remember as many details as I can but knowing how forgetful I am, I probably missed a few things here and there but I did try my best. Well, that's it for day one. Thank you guys for reading and till next time 💁🏻‍♀️ x

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