Dubai: Day Three

Dubai: Day Three

This post is a few days behind but better late than never right? Truth be told... my schedule gets crazy whenever I'm back in Hong Kong and so it gets incredibly hard for me to stick to my plans. Please bear with me you guys 😅.



Thomas and I woke up bright and early on the day of my birthday for a day full of sightseeing + adventure at the Jumeirah Beach Residence over at The Palm Jumeirah. We took a taxi from the stand in our hotel and the trip took around 15 minutes each way.

The Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR for short, is a pretty long stretch of beach on the coast of the Persian Gulf connecting the south of the city to the port of Jebel Ali. Thomas and I walked from one end of the JBR to the other and I got really giddy cause there was such an exciting mixture of things to see. The contrast between the old and new buildings were an absolute beaut to explore.


Oh, The Walk at JBR is a residential + commercial promenade along the waterfront that's got lots of different hotels, boutiques, restaurants, handicraft stores, street entertainment and etc. One thing that took me by surprise was the array of global brands (even obscure, niche ones) that were available here but I guess Dubai really does cater to everyone.

Anyways, I took a lot of pictures here because everything and every angle was so photogenic! I just couldn't resist! One of my absolute favourite things here were all the different types of murals on display ❤️.

I think we must've spend a good couple of hours just walking along the promenade before we eventually reached the end of it. We then turned and went to walk along the beach instead to complete a full loop going back to where we were first dropped off by the taxi.


Yes, Thomas was so patient with me the entire time here - answering my every 'OH LOOK' and allowing me to take pictures of everything even though he's seeing things for the second time (ah he's such a keeper).

I had so much fun here taking pictures of the beach and skyscrapers even though there were some parts that were still under construction... like the Dubai Eye. According to news sources the Dubai Eye is going to become the world's largest Ferris wheel when it's complete - standing at over 668 feet tall! The current record holder is the High Roller in Las Vegas that's 548 feet tall.

We really didn't do much here besides walking but the breeze was oh-so-relaxing.

AHHH and guess what we found on one of the stalls?! KONAFA! The same ones that I've seen on a viral video from Insider that's been floating around Facebook!

It was SO GOOD! The taste of it is exactly like how'd you imagine it to be. Cheesy, sweet and so buttery. Just thinking about it makes me want some of it right now but I'm kinda glad that we only got one and shared it between the two of us because it's very filling but very, very delicious.

Just look at it...


* still drooling *

After our quick snack time, we walked along the open beach until sunset. We dipped our toes in water, drew silly things in the sand, took videos of the gentle waves and even collected a bunch of washed up seashells to bring home. Hehe, Thomas even managed to find a couple of bleached coral buried under some sand - it was so pretty!

As the hours went by, the weather got cooler and cooler but the sunset was just spectacular. We even watched a couple of paragliders take off from the port and some guy attempting to ride the water hoverboard!

Ahhhhh everything was so beautiful here... I had such a relaxing, chilled-out birthday.

After watching the sunset and trekking for miles in JBR we then headed back to the hotel for some dinner and rest in preparation for our last day here in Dubai.



PS: As you can see this post is filled with a lot more images than usual and trust me, there's plenty more that I wanted to post here but that would be overdoing it. So I've decided to do a sunset, architecture and Persian Gulf photo series! If you guys prefer looking at visuals rather than words then be sure to look out for those instead 😊.

Till next time x

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