Dubai: Day Two


We started our second day here as early as possible and woke up around 8ish for breakfast. We made coffee and sandwiches from local ingredients that we bought yesterday (day one) while we were at a supermarket over at the Golden Mile Galleria.

After a light breakfast, we decided to head downstairs and spent a couple of hours relaxing on the hotel's private beach. And since it was just over 9am when we first got to the beach, we basically had the whole beach to ourselves. The warm sunshine and light breeze felt so, so good on my skin that day.


After getting some much needed morning sun we headed back to our hotel rooms, showered and got ready for a full day of exploration in the city. I was super excited to be able to photograph all the amazing architectures that Dubai had to offer 😊 so I got ready fairly quickly and waited for the boyfriend - he had a harder time waking up early and was therefore sluggish the entire morning lol.

A tip for your next travels: make sure to check with your hotel if they have free shuttles between the different areas or landmarks in whatever country or city that you are in because that's how we travelled to the different areas in Dubai at zero cost. Shoutout to the Fairmont Hotels for easy, speedy, free shuttle busses!

Anyways, these are some of the views during my bus ride:

From memory, the trip from my hotel to the Dubai Mall only took around 20 minutes and I was so glad my motion sickness was under control as the roads were relatively straight with little to no bumps, stops or traffic. We eventually got there around 2pm and one of the first thing that I saw the moment we got off the bus was the one building I really wanted to see.

Yes, of course... it is the one and only: Burj Khalifa! Standing at a whooping 2 722 ft or 829.8m, the Burj has been the tallest building since 2008.

The Burj is so high up in the sky that it is nearly impossible to photograph it from the top to the base without the help of a drone or some really expensive gear. I tried my best to take as many pictures as I possibly could from various angles in order to savour the moment because it was just... glorious. The Burj completely dwarfs all the other high-rise buildings surrounding it! The whole experience was pretty surreal and crazy but I was absolutely elated that I got to see the Burj Khalifa up close. But honestly, there's no point in me trying to describe just how breathtaking the Burj is so I'll just let the photographs do the talking here...

Had to put this image together from two separate images so please excuse the slight difference in colour.

Had to put this image together from two separate images so please excuse the slight difference in colour.

After I had my moment (Thomas had already had his as this was his second time here), we headed in to the mall and went straight to get some food. We first browsed around but decided to eat at the food court instead of a singular restaurant because they had the widest choice catering to every craving, needs, wants, preference and taste! No kidding, they must've had over fifty stalls offering every type of food imaginable! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it 😅.

Buuuuuut we stuck to our word and chose to eat at Yalla Saj where they serve Egyptian-Lebanese cuisine. Unfortunately, I was too hungry at the time to bother taking any pictures of our food though we essentially had koshari (an Egyptian dish of lentils, rice, pasta, garlic tomato sauce, garnished with chickpeas and fried onions) again. Koshari looks like this:

Image credit: The Daring Gourmet

Image credit: The Daring Gourmet

After we filled our tummies, we headed back out to walk around the area and soak up some more sun before the sunset but we got sweaty rather quickly + the heat was making us both feel pretty drained so we headed back into the mall to do some shopping instead. We didn't spend a lot of money here but some Arabic coffee beans for my brother from Galeries Lafayette.

We then hung around inside the mall (mainly cause of the air-conditioning) until it was nearly 8pm and went back out for the spectacular light show put on by the Burj Khalifa. A little note to add here is that I actually had to watch it on Thomas' phone afterwards because I couldn't see a damn thing 😩. It got pretty crowded and my view was obstructed by every other average-sized humans. I did however took some beautiful pictures of the Burj at night:


Once we got back to our hotel via the free shuttle, both Thomas and I were completely dead so we essentially just got ready for bedtime. The night ended splendidly with some tv time and a firework display that we watched from the comfort of our room as the clock struck midnight and I was officially 23.



Day three coming soon... Till I write again x