Journal Entry: Updates from Hong Kong

It's day three in Hong Kong and I am absolutely dead from a bad case of jet lag. I've been getting three to four hour sleeps everyday so I've been feeling like a zombie. I apologise to all my readers and myself for not being able to stick to my writing schedule but it's been pretty crazy. The only plus side of this is that I get to experience and watch the beautiful sunrise in Hong Kong. It is absolutely breathtaking especially when you're watching it while you're passing Tsing Ma Bridge but I have to say... there really isn't anything good about jet lag otherwise.

I mean - ugh - I get hungry at weird hours, my body hurts, I can't sleep properly, my head's empty, I'm not making much sense when I speak cause I can't seem to form coherent sentences (haha), I'm getting bloated and I'm also getting horrible water retention from all the travelling + change in sleeping pattern + eating habits... it majorly sucks! Sigh. I know, I know... I'm really glad I'm back home cause I've been missing it but why does jet lag hit me so bad every single time? 😫.

Has anyone got any tips on how to overcome or minimise jet lag? I've been doing Pilates and light cardio to help with my body's circulation but I don't think it's doing much besides making myself even more tired than I already am. Please drop me any advice or tips for jet lag if you have any! I'd very much appreciate it!

Yeah, okay. I'm gonna make this post short before I start going on and on about jet lag.

Oh and peep the cute ass succulent (above) my mom planted! - Squeals - IT'S. SO. FREAKING. CUTE.