What I Got For Christmas: Ahne Jewelry

One of the many things I received this past Christmas was a ring and a pair of stud earrings from Ahne Jewelry. If you guys have been reading my blog, you will know that it was one of the things I really wanted. I mean, it encompasses everything that is beautiful, delicate, dainty and the best part of all... absolutely affordable and conscious. Every single piece is handmade in London by owner and designer, Eni. As a conscious and sustainable brand, she uses environmentally friendly and non-toxic methods to create her minimally stunning pieces. Even her packaging is made from recycled materials! I'd recommend visiting her page if you'd like to know more (first link above).


R e v i e w


When I received and opened this on Christmas morning, my first impression of the packaging itself is: "OMG how cute!". It came in a small white box with the Ahne logo embossed in gold. It was just simple, clean and oh-so-gorgeous. I couldn't help but to wear everything immediately even though every other piece of jewellery I had on at the time were silver. I couldn't care less about the metals clashing... I just wanted to wear it cause I was so in love 💖. Eni's designs and jewellery making skills really exceeded my expectations. It's my first time receiving or buying anything off Etsy so you can say that this gift has given me some great first impressions for the site.

It's a little funny to me just how obsessed I am over this ring and studs cause truth be told.. I've never really been a big fan of anything gold. I've always thought that it was just a bit too out there and a bit too loud for my taste. The only people I know that wears gold coloured items are - no offence to anyone - my grandma, my grandaunts and people their age y'know? But since the popularisation of delicate jewellery this past couple of years... gold has been one of my absolute favourites. It just glimmers and catches the light beautifully in a way that completely outshines any type of silver. I've received so many compliments from various people on just how cute it looks. To be completely honest with you, I'm so happy and in love with it that I'm already eyeing up a few more dainty gold items from Ahne... God bless my bank account 💸.

PS: Thank you again Thomas for gifting me with such a pretty set of jewellery!


Question to my readers: do you want to read and see more of what gifts I received for my birthday + Christmas? Comment with a 'yes' if you do and I'll be happy to oblige 😊.

Till next time x