What I Got For Christmas: The Rocketbook Everlast Notebook

What I Got For Christmas: The Rocketbook Everlast Notebook

My brother gifted me with this incredible notebook this past Christmas and I simply had to write about it because I am blown away with today's technology.

Okay, let's begin with a brief description of what it is. Described as "a smart paper-and-pen notebook that's endlessly reusable," Everlast Notebook is essentially the one and only notebook you'll ever need to last you a lifetime (can be reused up to 1 000 times).

Okay yeah I'll admit it. Much like you are right now I was not convinced and highly sceptical when I first read that but you'll see. The description goes on:

"The Everlast notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience, yet is built for the digital age. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Everlast is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services. 
When you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line, your writing sticks to Everlast pages like regular paper. But add a drop of water… and the notebook erases like magic.
The Everlast notebook is compatible with the Rocketbook app. That means before your notes go off the page they go online to destinations like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote β€” perfectly organized."

Sounds too good to be true? IT ISN'T and my life is changed cause it does exactly what it says!

You write in the notebook with any Pilot Frixion pen (available in many colours), load up the app to take a snapshot of the page you just wrote in and - BAM - check your designated destination or folder and it's there! A full digital scan of whatever you've just written... and here comes the next best part: You'll never run out of pages because all you need is a few drops of water, a wipe down and - BAM - brand new empty pages. Honestly, this post isn't sponsored (I wish) but I am just amazed at the age we're living in πŸ˜‚.


R e v i e w

The notebook came in a sealed foil bag so it felt extra spacey (keeping in with the branding I supposed) but I thought it was pretty cool cause you don't normally get stationeries or notebooks packaged this way. There's a brief introductory along with some basic instructions on how to use the notebook printed on the back of the foil bag to help you start your more environmentally-friendly journey (yay!).

At this point, though I was sceptical and doubtful about its reusability feature I was excited to be trying a technologically enhanced version of the paper notebook that I'm sure everyone uses at some point in their life. I mean if this notebook really worked not only will I be saving a load of money, I will also be able to digitise my notes at a speed of a snapshot and on top of that, I will be helping the environment by drastically reducing my paper usage while still being able to write on a piece of paper! Good bye sticky notes πŸ‘‹πŸ».

The foil bag contains the Everlast notebook (duh!) - mine is the 6 x 8 inch or the executive size notebook), a Pilot Frixion pen and a micro-fibre cleaning cloth. After getting everything out and inspecting all the items, I went straight to writing my to-do list for the week and tested out how the snap-and-its-now-on-the-cloud system worked.

The verdict?

This notebook blew me away! The pages on the notebook feels exactly like any other normal paper and the pen glides smoothly on it. It feels... nothing out of the ordinary. Which is good, right? It's a typical pen-on-paper type of experience just like any other pen-on-paper experience.

And then came the tech magic between the app and the notebook. On each of the pages, there are symbols that you can customise within the app on the type of 'action' for it to execute. So say my rocket symbol was to send as a jpeg to my main email, my diamond symbol was to send as a document to a folder in my Google drive and so on and so forth. There's a total of seven symbols that you can customise however you like and essentially through the app + the use of the camera, it will automatically recognise which 'action' to execute and - BAM - you'll have that page in a digital version in wherever you wanted it to be in. All I have to do is put a cross on the chosen symbol on the page for the system to recognise which 'action' for the notebook to execute. 

Here's how the scan looks:


When you no longer need the physical copy, all you have to do is wipe the used page with a damp cloth, pat dry with the dry side and you're done. The ink on the paper wipes away surprisingly easy without the need for excessive rubbing or any added pressure and there it is... a brand new page!

Personally, I think this notebook will be super handy for any students or artists cause it's able to 'read' anything written on it (including complex math equations, doodles, drawings, etc). The efficiency of this is πŸ’― off the charts. I genuinely love it! 😊.



If you loved my review and want to try an Everlast notebook for yourself, just search 'Everlast Notebook' on Amazon or click here to be redirected to their Amazon (UK) store!

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