Chatting with Alejandro Arenas of Thinking MU

Barcelona is one of those enchanting cities filled with gems at every corner and when it comes to fashion, this city is every fashion lover's dream come true. Meet Alejandro 'Alex' Arenas, one of the four creatives behind the city's breakout sustainable fashion label, Thinking MU.


Who are they? Thinking MU is a Barcelona-based sustainable brand with a positive attitude towards life. Founded on the belief that: "life deserves to be enjoyed and, above all, respected," they have been making waves across the fashion sector - green and/or otherwise.

Using game-changing sustainable fabrics like organic hemp, eco friendly cellulose, banana fibre (yes, really!) and recycled polyester from plastic bottles whilst working alongside a multidisciplinary team of designers, illustrators and other creatives... Thinking MU produces some of the trendiest and most conscious clothing in the industry.

"We started six years ago as a T-shirts label but our collection has been growing and evolving ever since. Behind the brand we are Pepe, Miqui, Carlos and Alex. Pepe and Miqui had an ethical clothing brand called Intrépida MU that was a pioneer in Spain's sustainable fashion sector. Carlos and me (Álex) on the other hand, have an advertising agency called Sé and the four of us decided to get together to create Thinking MU in 2011."

"We started with creating a collection of organic t-shirts for Natura Shop, without even having or creating a brand yet but the experience that we had from the process was so positive that we decided to start our own brand. Our collection has been growing and evolving so much since then that we have been able to design two collections a year. Summer and Winter. And we've even expanded our range of garments to include sweaters, skirts, pajamas, underwear, footwear, backpacks, pants... we have a wide range of clothes now!"

Philosophy-wise, Thinking MU's is as crystal clear as it is authentic: "When we decided to create our own brand, the question we asked ourselves was... how should it be a brand of the future? And the conclusion that we reached is that we had to be respectful of our planet because we only have one and if we want it to last, we have to take care of it. You have to be part of the change with hope. As people and as a brand. And this is what we want to transmit through our garments. Messages of optimism, health, good habits and of course, good humour," said Alex.

"We wanted to create a new way of understanding sustainable clothing. Our aim is to help it the only way we know how - by filling it with creativity, music, colors, patterns, positive messages and sustainable fabrics that contribute to a happier, easier and better world."

If you're thinking 'how does clothing say all that?' well, one look at their happy, carefree designs will give you your answers. I mean... just swipe through and see their latest SS18 campaign for yourself!


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A big thank you to Alex for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak to me!