Spotlight: 7 Sustainable Brands Fresh Off the Runway

Spotlight: 7 Sustainable Brands Fresh Off the Runway

It's fashionable (and great) to be socially and environmentally responsible! Be part of the change and get obsessed with eco-fashion with these fresh finds.


Myrka Studios

| @myrkastudios

Ethical, sustainable, transparent and handmade in Germany, Myrka Studios is founded by two longtime friends Lia Bernard and Lydia Hersberger. This green label features timeless and contemporary designs that will prove to be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Lia: "We want to make change happen. Our products are developed with great care and a love for details. Our customers will always know where the garments they are wearing came from and who made them in the first place."

"We want to make people see that you can get more out of a few, carefully selected pieces than out of a closet full of characterless fast fashion pieces. It’s very important for us that our customers feel comfortable wearing our clothes, so every piece is produced using the finest, softest materials and handmade in Germany. Consuming less but more consciously – this is the philosophy of our design."

Shop Myrka Studios here.



Ombre Claire

| @ombre_claire

What happens when art meets sustainability? You get Ombre Claire; a fantastically artistic world of delicate jewellery dreamed up by French designer Aude Durou. Jewellery from Ombre Claire features extremely detailed and delicate carvings that are very much inspired from the designer's own Tuareg roots and in true #heritagepride style, each of Durou's designs are also brought to life by Tuareg artisans!

Shop Ombre Claire here.



Jan 'N June

| @jannjune

Created by friends Julianna Holtzheimer and Anna Bronowski, Jan 'N June makes affordable, stylish, eco-friendly clothing that stays true to a chic, minimalist aesthetic. Using only organic or recycled materials throughout their collection, clothing from this label comes with an eco-id that tells you all the information about the piece of clothing that you're purchasing.

Juliana: "We started Jan 'N June back in 2014 when there were no sustainable fashion labels with moderate prices that's in style while also being 100% socially and environmentally sustainable."

"My co-founder, Anna and I were looking for something like that for ourselves and could’t find it. That's when and why we decided to start our own brand. It took us over a year to actually start Jan ‘N June but here we are now."

Shop Jan 'N June here.



Thinking MU

| @thinkingmu

Featuring natural and organic fabrics throughout their collections, this Barcelona-born brand is at the forefront of creating and designing with some of the industry's most innovative materials. Using fibres such as organic hemp, banana fabrics and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, all of Thinking MU's designs are environmentally, socially and economically responsible. And their style? Think fun graphic tees prints and quirky tees in gorgeous clean, contemporary cuts!

Alex: "When we decided to create our own brand, the question we asked ourselves was how can it be a brand of the future? And the conclusion that we reached is that they had to be respectful of our planet because we only have one and if we want it to last, we have to take care of it."

"You have to be part of the change with hope, as people and as a brand. And this is what we want to transmit also the garments: optimism, health, good habits and good humour."

Shop Thinking MU here.



Royal Blush

| @royalblushbyjk

Founded by Jana Keller in 2006, Royal Blush creates luxurious pieces for woman of all ages through innovative and ethical means. This sustainable label is one of the few in the industry who uses organic salmon skin as an amazing alternative to exotic skin to make its contemporary accessories. In addition to that, all of their leather designs are also processed using vegetable tanning! Ahh... say hello to your new luxe, ethical must-haves.

Jana: "I started selling around the globe in concept stores being presented next to famous brands and although that was a great satisfaction, my heart beats for sustainability... meaning ecology, environment & fairness. It's an issue that should be talked about and one that should be a foundation to every business. Of course, not forgetting functionality, quality and aesthetics. I love all beautiful things as long as it is transparent and full of stories."

"Now that I’ve opened my own concept store carrying over 20 brands from middle to upper segments, I can aspire and strive towards a fully-sustainable wardrobe on a daily basis! Hopefully inspiring others too."

Shop Royal Blush here.




| @mila.vert

With an eye for sophisticated details, Mila.Vert's simple styles exude effortless elegance and fashionable flair. Mila.Vert is created by Tina Logar Bauchmüller who uses her tailoring knowledge passed down from her grandmother to design timeless and flattering pieces for the contemporary woman. This sustainable label intentionally designs slowly to ensure each and every detail during production is socially and environmentally responsible. Creating beautiful, ethical garments that's guilt-free and full of passion!

"Our thinking about creating a clothing brand has strongly been guided by our enthusiasm for beautiful clothing and fashion, and soon matched with the aspiration to establish an 'ethical brand'. We want to make desirable clothing, avoiding the ethical and environmental issues that fashion industry represents."

"We commit to using fabrics that contain at least 90% of environmentally friendly fibres, mainly certified organic cotton. We use environmentally friendly fabrics to the extent possible, and we seek for solutions to tackle the issue of packaging waste. All purchased items are packed in cotton backpacks that can be used for multiple purposes."

Shop Mila.Vert here.



Von Holzhausen

| @vonholzhausen

Described as the 'Tesla of handbags' by Forbes, Von Holzhausen offers vegan accessories in timeless palettes. Von Holzhausen uses their signature technik-leather (a 100% vegan and animal free material) to create stunning, minimalist designs that comes without the traditional retail mark-up. The end product? Luxuriously sustainable vegan accessories at wholesale prices. Oh and  Von Holzhausen also gives back to women-centred charities that focuses on helping women regain independence.

Shop Von Holzhausen here.

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