Updates: Month Long Hiatus

Animated gif by ZandraArt

The holidays are over and I've probably gotten less toned than I was before but I've eaten so many delicious food and made many, many happy memories spending time with my family. Oh, did I mention that Thomas flew all the way from the UK to celebrate Chinese New Year with me and my family? Hehe, he's so sweet I know. Ahh I can't believe that I've missed CNY celebrations back home for four years in a row! Four years seem like such a long time that there were many things (traditions and superstitions) that I've forgotten - HAHA! My mom even commented that I've gotten out of touch as I kept dressing considerably less festive than everyone else 😅. 

Now that all the festivities are over and my twin cousins are back in HK, I feel as if I'm stuck in a rut with not that much purpose or many activities to do. I mean here I am... currently in the always-sunny-Malaysia... waiting for my visa application to be processed (🤞🏻!) but I feel like I'm doing nothing more besides waiting. Yes, I've started freelancing but it still feels as if I'm not doing enough. It feels like there is so much more that I can do and at the same time, so much that I can't do. Ugh, I'm so conflicted.

To be totally honest with you guys... I only started writing this post after a conversation with my brother because he mentioned that I could and should be using my time in a more positive manner while I'm still here. I'll admit that I am generally way less motivated and proactive when I'm back home due to the lack of autonomy or inspiration but I am going to try to get back into the habit of writing, creating content or at the very least, planning my day so that I'm not aimlessly flipping through Instagram all the time.

Oh! I also got the chance to interview British designer Tom Cridland a couple of days back 😊. The article is published on The Fashion Network and can be found on my portfolio - 10 Minutes with Tom Cridland of Tom Cridland. I'd greatly appreciate a read 💖. A little 411 if you've not heard of this brand: Cridland has created one of the best sustainable brands out there worn by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant, Stephen Merchant, Robbie Williams, Daniel Craig, Kendrick Lamar and even Clint Eastwood! His fresh new take on sustainability in fashion is something we could all learn a thing or two from.

Ahh hopefully opportunities like these are one of many in the coming future 🤞🏻.

Till next time y'all!