Chatting with Malaysian MUA, Pia

Meet Pia, an emerging Malaysian make-up artist who: "paints people, faces and people's faces."

Image credit: @the.pia

Image credit: @the.pia

From the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans, to Elizabethans, Victorians and now us millennials... the beauty industry is a trade that has truly withstood the test of time. The birth and rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube has allowed beauty entrepreneurs everywhere to utilise the unconventional means of technology to build and forge careers in this timeless sector.

Meet Pia, an emerging Malaysian make-up artist who: "paints people, faces and people's faces."

Pia isn't your typical MUA. Having graduated with a bilingual bachelor's degree in Psychology (in both English and French), she also gets commissioned for her paintings, works as a model and even sings when she has the extra time. Between juggling all those different aspects and balancing life as a full-time makeup artist, she is also planning to purse a master's degree in Clinical Psychology.


So when and how exactly did she decide to pursue a career as a makeup artist?

"After graduating in 2016, I wasn't particularly keen on getting a nine to five job so I did everything I could to avoid having one. After awhile, in 2017, I worked briefly under one of Malaysia's top makeup artists, Ferra Rossa and learned everything I could from her about the industry," said Pia.

"I then continued learning and worked on my own for a few months before deciding to register my makeup services as a business. Then I started taking bridal makeup appointments, portrait commissions and occasionally modelling for small local businesses. Instagram is literally my portfolio. Other than by word of mouth, this is where I get most of my bookings. Hashtags are free advertising!"


Despite being relatively new to the beauty world in Malaysia, Pia seems to have already found success with her make-up style. One glance at her Instagram account will tell you that she's all about achieving that perfect skin + natural blush combo and complimenting the look with playful yet subtle colours on the eyes with rarely a cat eye flick in sight!

Unlike everywhere else across the globe where beauty trends are dictated by fashion weeks or celebrity culture, Malaysia's multi-cultural and multi-religious society plays a key role in influencing trends and styles that exists within its beauty industry.

Pia explained that: "Modesty is a big factor in terms of fashion in Malaysia and that reflects the beauty industry here as well. You don't see a lot of daring, bright and bold makeup looks on the streets as compared to the US or UK."

Her distinctly demure yet modern make-up style has not only got everyone obsessed but it has even caught the attentions of Malaysian fashion e-commerce giant, FashionValet. Hired to work on their latest campaign, you can now find Pia's signature face across FashionValet's catalogues and sites.

If you were wondering on how to achieve her looks, especially her flawless skin... well you're in luck as Pia let me in (and you!) on her favourite beauty products.

"I truly believe in investing more on your skin than on makeup. My current favourite products are It Cosmetics' Confidence In A Cream (£38) and Tarte's Maracuja Oil (£42) - I can't go a night without this!"



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