Slowing Down in York

The idea of being busy is glorified and demanding. This past weekend, I finally learned to slow down and got some much needed time-out doing nothing.


I was raised in a busy environment in an equally busy family who's idea of a relaxing weekend includes at least two trips to the mall and attending breakfast, lunch and dinner plans made the day before (my brother will confirm this). All my life, that has always been the norm for me and I've never thought twice about it... until I met Thomas.

He's probably the first person who told me that that is an insanely hectic way to live life and trust me, I thought he was crazy. Absolutely everyone that I know in Asia lived that way. How else do you spend the weekends?!

Well apparently there are *other* ways to spend your time... like relaxing at home with nowhere to be and nowhere to rush to. For the longest time, I couldn't understand or see the joy in that. I still don't for the most part and have always been envious of those who could sit in the park for hours with no other agendas in mind other than being there. That must be nice hmm. To be able to enjoy the present and to do nothing.

... so I finally tried it out. The whole sitting in the park thing for more than half an hour. It only took me nearly five years since coming to the UK but I finally committed to the experience. In fact, we were at the park for several hours and the verdict is:

I liked it.

I saw a bunch of really cute dogs, ran away from bugs, watched the ducks sleep and even saw a rowing competition take place. It was a nice, slow alternative to an otherwise packed day of wandering around in the mall or shops.

Also, thanks to the amazing weather these past few days, I managed to get a slight tan spending all that time under the sun. That dose of sunshine has definitely put me in a much better mood than I have been in recently...

It feels so great to learn to slow down (even if it has taken me so long).



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