What's On My Plate?

I've been feeling overwhelmed, demotivated and disorganised for the last couple of weeks. I have a few things going on but I'd say it's probably because I've been apartment hunting rather aggressively. I'm frustrated with the lack of choices, the repetitive questions and the nonsensical itch to move immediately. I know it may sound absurd cause I'm stressing over nothing but I can't shake this annoying, overwhelming feeling that's been looming over me.

Stuck with not much progress in that department, I've been learning to cook recipes that's out of my comfort zone. And you know what? I've legitimately surprised myself and even earned a few praises from the boyfriend (LOL).

The thing is... I don't particularly enjoy cooking. As a child, my mom would make me help out whenever she cooked in hopes of stirring my interest and teaching me culinary skills but it never really worked on me. I've always found cooking to be tedious, time-consuming and I really hated smelling like food. Over time, the smells bothered me less and less but I still thought cooking was overrated.

I simply don't see, understand or enjoy the cooking process. The funny thing is, my brother would be nodding at what everything that I just wrote and rolling his eyes at me if he ever read this. Cause he is the complete opposite of me. Anyone who knows him would know that he loves cooking, he loves food and that he loves making food for everyone. Oh and he's a pretty great cook too. I guess you can say, he got ALL the culinary genes from the family. Interest and skills.

So yeah, despite my blasé approach and perspective to cooking... I made myself proud. I tried Just One Cookbook's Tamagoyaki, Buzzfeed Tasty's Rainbow Crepe Cake minus the colouring/rainbow and BBC Good Food's Vintage Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Image credit: Just One Cookbook, Buzzfeed

Image credit: Just One Cookbook, Buzzfeed

And here's AN HONEST PHOTO of what I made:


The tamagoyaki and chocolate chip cookies were the most successful because all the cream in the layers of my mille crepe cake had melted away due to me being impatient AF 🙃🙄. So lesson learned, allow all layers to cool to room temperature before stacking them together. Though the crepe cake looks sad and dry, I promise you that it really wasn't bad. It tasted exactly like how a normal, pretty looking crepe cake taste and that's all that matters... right?

I've since repeated both the tamagoyaki and cookie recipe cause it's relatively simple, easy to do and very darn delicious but have not yet gathered the courage - or motivation - to try the crepe cake again. By comparison, it is the most time-consuming out of the three cause there's just so many layers. I'd love to be able to execute the recipe properly and create a crepe cake that looks like this ↴

Image credit: Tasting Table

Image credit: Tasting Table

Ugh, delicious right? Fingers crossed that my next try will be better than the first (whenever it is). I'm inspired to keep channeling my frustration and energy into cooking new recipes. I think I'll be trying Hairy Biker's Shakshuka and Buzzfeed Tasty's Meatless Paella recipe next! For some weird reason, I've developed an obsession and huge love for bell peppers since the start of this year. I used to think that they were spicy so I never bothered trying em but now that I have, I can't get over how juicy and sweet it is.

Also, just a little side note: I'm incredibly happy that I've started to develop a good, healthy relationship with food even though the negative thoughts still sometimes hit me. I've struggled heavily in the past and so I'm super proud of myself right now 😊.