AUrate: A Gift For You and A Gift Of Literacy

A gentle reminder for this gifting season to continue shopping consciously and ethically without breaking the bank.

Between Black Friday madness and the upcoming gifting season brewing in the horizon, mindful consumption is a practice that seems to go out of the window faster than you can say ‘sale’. Yes, it’s impossible to not make any purchases but take it from me (an ex fast-fashion consumer) that it is possible to keep shopping in a more conscious way.

At the start of this year, I made a resolution to start pursuing a more conscious and sustainable way of living — starting with my wardrobe. Right from the get-go, I understood that it would be extremely hard shifting from a fast-fashion mentality to one that is slower and more ethical. Trust me when I say that it has not been an easy journey although it has been easy for me to immediately give up cheap jewellery. Until of course… my sudden obsession with shiny, gold things but I managed to refrain myself from being tempted to spend on brands that do not resonate with my new values.

And then it was as if the fashion gods were looking out for me and AUrate New York came into the picture. For first time readers, this is who they are and what they do but in a nutshell: AUrate is an affordable, conscious and fine jewellery brand with no concessions whatsoever.

The last time I wrote about them, I had nothing but praises and great reviews and guess what… the sentiment still resonates. If anything, I hope that everyone looks to AUrate this gifting season for it’ll be a beautifully conscious gift for yourself or your loved ones and also to underprivileged children in need of books. AUrate gifts the gift of literacy by matching every purchase with the donation of a book directly to the hands of the children in need — fighting the statistics of illiteracy, one book at a time.

Now if that is not guilt-free shopping that keeps on giving then what is? I’m incredibly honoured to be partnering up with them again and so happy to know that any money I spend with them contributes directly to helping a children to read adequately. Oh and did I mention that AUrate offers honest pricing? That means every design is priced fairly and simply with no retail or wholesale markups. What you see (materials, craft and effort) is exactly what you get. Honestly, I love this brand.


Go for gold and say hello to my latest addition:

The Mini Black Diamond Bar Earring (£205)

Featuring ethical solid gold bars and three conflict-free black diamond (0.1 carat per diamond) all consciously sourced of course — this pair of black diamond earrings have added so much sparkle to my everyday look. It’s dainty, edgy and so exceptionally well-made that I have been wearing them ever since I got it.

I mean, aren’t these just the cutest?





It comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Use close ‘ BLACK25 ’ for 25% off everything + they ship worldwide


This item was generously gifted by the amazing team over at AUrate!