Journal Entry: January

Oh boy, it’s been so cold over here in Manchester. I’ve got the heater cranked up and I’m currently wearing 3 layers of clothing but I am still shivering! I am in urgent need of a healthy dose of sunshine and warmth 😫 — so glad I’m returning back to Asia… even if it is just for a little while y’know?

So, it’s been two weeks since I last updated anything on here and that’s because I didn’t stick to the schedule I set for myself but to be honest… I am kind of glad I didn’t. For the first time in ages I actually started reading again. I can’t remember the last time I finished a book that’s not for educational purposes so me finishing two entire (ahem) romance novel is just something else.

Let me tell you this: I used to love reading. Loved it! I mean I would stay up all night finishing a brand new book even if it meant going to school with just a few hours of sleep. Reading was one of my favourite things but the older I got, the less time I had for it. It’s kinda sad and ironic given that I’m a writer but ugh, adulting is kinda sad in general.

Okay less depressing thoughts, more positives ⬇︎

  • I started Kayla Itsines’ 12 week challenge via the SWEAT app. It’s been tough but I am reminded of all the food that I will be eating when I’m back in Asia. So that’s been keeping me motivated and focused. If you’d like to join me, SWEAT is offering 3 months for $1 for any new user that signs up — offers end this Jan 28th! Just use the link in my Instagram bio @annick_lt 🙃

  • GUYS! I’m about to break my #nobuychallenge already because of the upcoming trip back to Asia. It’s Chinese New Year and it’s tradition to buy/wear new clothes so I’m gonna have to break it. I’m gonna excuse myself and cross this purchase out because there is no way of avoiding it without risking death from all my family LOL.

  • I did my all my reading on the Kindle App and I’m kinda mad because no one ever told me that you can read for free if you have Prime membership. Ugh, if only I was informed of this sooner… anyways, I finished ‘With or Without You’ by Shari Low and ‘Burn For You’ by J.T Geissinger — both on the recommended romance list. And yes, I’m a sucker for romance (and YA novels).

  • Besides reading, I also started drawing digitally and all I’ve been drawing are my beloved plants — especially my monstera! The doodling has inspired me to create some CNY and Valentine’s card for my family so yay?

  • I’m contemplating dyeing my hair because I know I have a box of bleach in my drawers. They’re just sitting there waiting to be used… and please don’t start going on about how ‘box bleach kit are bad for you’ because I seem to be the only one who’s able to bleach my hair. All of my hairstylists have either told me ‘Asian hairs can’t be bleached without seriously damaging it’ or if they do try, the dye job don’t end up showing at all 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I’ve fully embraced the plant mom life and have started propagation my own plants! Honestly it’s so weird how I love flowers and plants now when I used to think that gardening is a silly hobby. Now I wouldn’t mind getting some absolutely beautiful flowers for a gift… especially cute white flowers like hydrangeas * swoon *

  • OH I made the decision to delete and restart my twitter because I was cringing too hard reading my teenage thoughts 😅

That’s it for now!