Journal Entry: October

Isn’t it crazy that the last time I wrote a journal entry was back in May? It’s been four whole months and let me tell you… a lot has happened. It’s almost impossible to write everything down (especially since my memory is terrible at the minute) but I’m happy to say that I am a lot less stressed than I was in my last entry. Let’s see:

  • I moved into a new apartment late June and I had an absolutely terrible move because my mover showed up five hours late. I waited on the curb with all of my things for five freaking hours. When he eventually showed up, he didn’t even offer a logical or reasonable excuse as to why he was late. He kept changing his story from being stuck in traffic to a previous job taking much longer than expected to his truck breaking down. It was such a tiring day and you best believe I got my money fully refunded. Oh and they’re never getting my business again @ Compare the Man and Van

  • My mom, brother, aunt and twin cousins came to see me walk on my graduation day in July. Yes, we took a lot of pictures of me in my robe 😊 (pictures are on my Instagram).

  • Went to Vienna right after my graduation with them and had a wonderful time there. Then we also spent a few days afterwards in London where we stayed in this insanely beautiful AirBnB. Definitely gained a few pounds on both of these trip cause we were eating like 4 meals a day…

  • I've actually been freelancing as a writer/copywriter since January but recently started on two more projects so my workload has increased the last couple of months.

  • Started running on the treadmill a few months back and I was surprised that I can easily run 5k. I’ve never been a runner in my life so I was honestly mega impressed by my little legs. Since then, I have not looked at or sat on another stationary bike ever again LOL.

  • I’ve learned to bake chocolate chip cookies and have made them like four times. My favourite is this vintage chocolate chip cookie recipe that I randomly found on BBC good food!

  • Been slowly settling in to my new apartment and making the space feel like a home. Okay, basically I’ve been rearranging and reorganising everything every few weeks and I think I’m finally getting to a point where I’m satisfied with how things look and work.

  • I’ve been very plant-obsessed recently. As in I keep buying plants for the apartment…. who have I become?

  • Finally finished watching The Originals! #KlausForever

  • Cut off 10 inches of my hair just last week cause I was sick of the upkeep 🙃 - bye perm.

  • Did a really big closet purge while I was organising the apartment and put up a bunch of stuff for sale on my Depop. Some stuff have sold but some remains… check it out if you live in the UK?

  • Lost most of my old pictures on my Mac. Contacted the Apple team and they couldn’t figure out why or help either, ugh. As I’m writing this, I’m attempting to salvage the data and hoping that something might turn up. Please iCloud gods, let me have my pictures back 😔. Oh, did you know that Apple can control your screen remotely? It was the coolest and creepiest thing ever! Safe to say that my privacy paranoia is not uncalled for. Tape your camera up you guys…

  • Created a new Facebook page recently @ Annick’s Not-So-Secret Blog because Facebook refused to let me change my old page’s name even when I told them that I’ve been receiving a lot of weird, uncomfortable fetish messages from random strangers. For those of you who do not know, I used to blog under ‘Only 4 feet 9’ because that’s how tall I am but I guess, a lot of males thought that it was a foot fetish page? Ugh to losing nearly 1k likes but whatevs if it means I stop getting creepy messages about my feet. Yeah, it’s hilarious isn’t it.

  • Believe it or not but I’ve kind of fallen out of love with avocados at the moment 🤷🏻‍♀️ think I may have overdone it haha.

  • OH! I’ve stopped consuming cow milk for my coffees and have replacement it with soya. Also currently looking to try out oat milk and no, I will not have almond milk because I hate it.

…and that’s all I can think of for now. Probably missed a few things here and there but I can’t remember it.

Sorry for the MIA. I love writing journal entries here but as you can see, I’ve been preoccupied. I also find it kinda tiring to write after a full day of copywriting. All I want is to snuggle up on the sofa, play Gardenscapes and watch JK news on Youtube.

Till next time x