Starting 2019 Right with These Goals

Happy 2019 everyone!

Quick little recap: I spent most of my December being away from Manchester and had such a great time with Tom and his family. Our trip to Prague was just what we needed — we tried all the local food and got very cold (it snowed!!) and we stayed in the cutest little studio apartment. We were averaging 20,000 steps a day on the trip so we were pretty tired but hey, Prague was absolutely beautiful and we both earned lots of Sweatcoins. If you don’t know what Sweatcoin is then you are truly missing out cause it converts your steps into ‘coins’ that can be redeemed for things like Now TV subscription, protein, mindful apps, audiobooks and even iPhones and cash 😊. Anyways back to recapping: I had such a good Christmas this year! I mostly stayed at Toni’s and I’m so proud of myself for doing so much better with the cats. I mean… I only screamed a few times and there were no tears were shed 😅

In honour of the new year, here are some of my goals/challenges that I wish to complete for next 363 days:


Work out at least 2-4 times a week.

I got to a point where I was working out every other day and even managed to get super toned but the momentum slipped away around October last year. So here’s me promising myself that I’m gonna get back on track by trying something new besides Pilates — I’'ll be trying SWEAT’s 12-week challenge and I’m currently on Day 1 today! I’ll be posting about it on my instagram @annick_lt to keep myself in check.


I’m challenging myself to go on a shopping ban this year.

In an ideal world this would be easy but sadly, overconsumption has been drilled into every single one of us as a necessity when it’s not. I’d like to try to change that this year by putting myself on a shopping ban. In order for this to develop into a long-term habit, I am limiting myself to ONE maximum purchase a month on non-essentials including things like clothes, makeup, stationeries, decor, books and etc. Oh food and groceries will not be counted for obvious reasons LOL. And yes, I considered challenging myself to a zero shopping year but… I don’t think that’s particularly good for my mental health.


eat better and healthier.

This one should be relatively easy but this year, I want to cut down (even more) on consuming dairy products and red meat! I want to eat more vegetables and try out more plant-based recipes. I’ll be tracking this using the diary on my Fitbit + bullet journal which brings me to my next goal…


Start and maintain a bullet journal.

I tried this last year and failed miserably 🙄 I gave up after only a few months into it because I was trying to fill every single page with the same amount of writing and that got way too stressful. Right after I’m done with this post I’ll be taking all my stationeries and going into craft mode to make my new yearly journal (thank you Toni for my new notebook!). I’ll be keeping it short and simple this time — no big empty spaces to stress me out and I’ve got cute stickers to go with it (thanks Joe for my secret santa gift!)


Go on more adventures and explore Britain!

I’m actually a little embarrassed that I’ve been in the UK for over five years but have yet to see most of it so… I’m gonna challenge myself to go out (yes Annick, actually leave your apartment for once) and experience more. I want this year to be more meaningful and be filled with more adventures.


Write more for myself and for fun.

I’ve been so focused on building my freelancing portfolio for the last year and let’s just say that I am seriously missing writing for myself. I want to stick to blogging on here at least once a week. I want to do it not for a brand or or a client but strictly for myself. To be honest with you… I find it hard to write for fun when I write for a living… please tell me some of you guys feel the same 😭.

And that’s it for this year.

I have to stick to these six challenges for the next coming 12 months. Two days down, 363 to go — fingers crossed!

Before I end this post, I’d also like to tell myself to be kinder and less critical of my own mistakes. I vow to let myself grow, to give myself more credit and to believe in myself just as I would with my loved ones. Have a happy new year again everyone, don’t let the January blues get to you.