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7 Tips To Help Convey Ideas Clearly

Just like many other industries, the fashion and design landscape relies heavily on communication to effectively relay concepts and issues. In an increasingly competitive market, the only thing that separates good designers and good ideas from the rest of the crowd is that: effective communication.

Importance of Sound In A Fashion Show

Visuals are absolutely everything when it comes to fashion but in a fashion show? Sound and music dominate the ranks. Just ask anyone to picture a fashion show... and they'll see a crowd full of people and hear the pulsating beat of the music in the background.

Documentation in Design

It is a common belief that design projects thrive in the chaos of creativity. Although there is some truth to the statement, creative chaos can only flourish when a system of organisation is involved. From a designer’s point of view…

Design Is A Way of Life

American designer Paul Rand once said that "design is a way of life, a point of view" and it couldn't be any truer.  Whether it's graphics, products, interactive or physical objects, today's designs and designers pave the way to influence much more than just aesthetics.

Top Trending Colours for 2019

Unlike last year's colour trends, this year's trending colour palette is taking a more muted and understated approach. From soothing aquas and woodland browns to soft terracottas and sheer pink, 2019 is about to be dictated by mindful and spirited colours.

Highlights from Amsterdam Light Festival

The city of Amsterdam returns each year to illuminate its streets, waterways and skyline with carefully thought-out light installations. This year, the capital of Netherlands was once again transformed into a fairy-tale of lights with over 30 pieces of illuminated artwork.