Travel Inspiration: Where To Go This Holiday

Travel Inspiration: Where To Go This Holiday

Just 12 days to go till it’s December and less than that for me to decide where to jet off to. Ahh I know it should be somewhat easy deciding where to go (it normally is) but between a packed scheduled from now till then, upcoming celebrations and then Christmas — it’s got me panicking, confused and I’m coming up blank.

Thomas and I have been going back and forth on where we should be heading to this time around. We’ve toyed with the idea of going to Asia (either Japan, Korea or Singapore) and now we’ve switched to possibly visiting Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Iceland or Sweden) to just somewhere nearby in Europe (Czech Republic or Hungary). Yep. As you can see, our thoughts are really scattered and we’re undecided BUT I think we have eliminated Asia as I’m not looking forward to another long-haul flight or deal with another round of jet lag again. I mean, I did just get back from Hong Kong less than two weeks ago…

So with the many destinations to choose from, I decided that the best way to help myself is with pretty pictures and bullet points. Yes, yes. It’s time for serious some #travelinspo 🙃. Here’s to me helping myself and whoever else in the same situation. Scroll down below for beautiful images that’s gonna fill you with all the wanderlust feels. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


📍 Copenhagen, Denmark

A city famed for hygge, Nordic designs, pristine waterways and for being downright cool. I’ve always wanted to visit Copenhagen and these pictures have just reminded me why.

⟶ Flight time: 1hr 50mins

⟶ Places to see: Nyhavn & Tivoli Gardens


📍 Oslo, Norway

Known for their museums, Viking history and green spaces! Fun fact: They are the first European country to ban cars and parking spaces from the city centre as a way to improve their carbon footprint. So wild but so insanely cool.

⟶ Flight time: 2hrs 15mins

⟶ Places to see: Frogner Park, Bydgøy and all the museums!


📍 Reykjavik, Iceland

The northernmost capital of the world and the only place on Earth where you can stand on two continents. Reykjavik also has a blue lagoon that’s a natural geothermal spa — one of the 25 amazing wonders of the world.

⟶ Flight time: 2hrs - 3hrs 15mins

⟶ Places to see: Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, The Sun Voyager & Hallgrímskirkja


📍 Stockholm, Sweden

A breathtaking coastal capital that encompasses 14 islands that’s connected by 57 bridges, earning this capital their nickname: ‘Beauty on the Water’. Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla Stan is one of the world’s best preserved historic district in Europe. Fun fact: they have an ABBA museum!

⟶ Flight time: 2hrs 30mins

⟶ Places to see: Gamla Stan, Stockholm Palace & Riddarholmen


📍 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is nicknamed the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ for its beautiful cathedrals and their pointy spires. It’s a really cheap place to visit as most tourist places are free of charge. Plus, you can get a full restaurant meal anywhere for less than £5!!

⟶ Flight time: 2hrs

⟶ Places to see: Saint Vitus Cathedral, Vltava River, all the art galleries!


📍 Budapest, Hungary

One word: architecture! This stunning city is a treasure trove full of baroque, neoclassical, art nouveau and eclectic gems. I can already imagine my camera and iPhone being filled up with countless images that I’ll never get sick of looking…

⟶ Flight time: 2hrs 45mins

⟶ Places to see: Saint Vitus Cathedral, The Vltava, Matthias Church and all the art galleries!

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