TFW: Street Style Highlights

Japanese street style is well-known for its variety of subcultural themes and its extreme distinction of styles. Whether it’s the over-the-top colourful kawaii looks or the hard-core punk-grunge cyber vibes, Tokyo Fashion Week is full of electrifying and captivating ensembles.

SFW: Highlights

Shanghai’s Fashion Week is relatively new to the fashion industry but it has been described as one of the most contemporary in terms of aesthetics and forethought. From showcasing truly fluid dressing to modernizing classic cuts and silhouettes, Shanghai Fashion Week has rightly earned its global recognition.

UNIQLO: "Change or Die"

Originally known as Ogōri Shōji as a tailor shop in Ube, Japan, it first opened in March of 1949. Fast forward a couple of decades and operating under the name ‘uni-clo’, they opened their first unisex casual wear store in May 1984 in Fukuro-machi, Hiroshima.

NYFW Highlights: Millennial Pink

Fashion week has officially arrived! And New York is currently buzzing with so much fashion and style that it almost hurts. For some die-hard fashion hopefuls not currently in NY (me), live streams and Instagram are the number one digital blessing.

Quintessential Britain: Introducing Elder Street

Elder Street is keen on putting the Great back into Britain – one project at a time. Launched by Timothy Everest, who has previously dressed the likes of Tom Cruise, David Beckham and Sir Mick Jagger, Elder Street is a boutique agency that offers bespoke luxury consulting services with an eye for the British flair.